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ike McDoniels, President, founded MJ Altman in 1988 and still guides the company today.  His vision to create an agency that delivers professional, effective collection services has been realized thanks to our loyal employees and clients.  How do we deliver consistently professional, effective collection services?

When quality counts, count on MJ Altman.
  • Quality collectors on staff:  ACA certified, required to pass FDCPA and HIPAA compliance tests with at least 90%, managers monitor the collectors on a daily basis, bilingual collectors

  • Quality support staff: Extensive collection backgrounds, provide ongoing motivational/educational training for staff, long-time MJ Altman employees

  • ALL clients receive prompt, courteous service regardless of your volume or size

  • ALL accounts are worked regardless of account age or balance

  • Technology in place ensures all accounts are touched

MJ Altman is based in Ocala Florida.

Based in Ocala, Florida, MJ Altman currently has over 1,500 active clients. Our core industry is healthcare.  We also work retail, cable, utility, newspaper, and commercial accounts.

For more specific information, see our “Services” page, or contact us via email or phone: 800 927-2655



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MJ Altman